Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who and What are We?

I was listening to an old clip of Richard Alpert talking about self, and what it is that we are as individuals. He makes the point that every individual shares the most central parts of themselves with everybody else. We all share awareness, this is the most important and profound part of our existence. All of the things that we associate ourselves with, the labels like; student, brother, son, boyfriend, and all other sort of labels. These labels are more like clothes that we wear on top of our awareness rather than what we are. Many of us associate our "self" with some sort of label, and this inherently makes us feel as though each individual is a completely separate person. We look for the differences in people in comparison to ourselves. What we should realize, is that we all share the most important part of our existence with every living human. We all share awareness, and not only that, but a similar sort of awareness, a human awareness. Although we try to identify each other by our differences, we need to come to the understanding that at the fundamental level, we are all the same. We all share the same type of awareness.

The part of you that feels, is the same in each individual on this planet. Although you may feel different things, it is the ability to "feel" that we share with each other. We must recognize this if we are to ever achieve world peace and prosperity.

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