Thursday, August 7, 2008

Totally Transparent Government

My assumptions are that a true deep unbiased education is the method needed to bring about global and societal change.

The whole idea of having politicians make decisions about how to spend tax money is ridiculous!

What we need is a mechanism where ad-hoc groups of highly educated specialists get together when there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
These groups will always have the expressed purpose of creating 3-5 good ways to deal with the specific scenario in an intelligent manner and the exact cost of each will be laid out as a dollar amount per person and a total sum to the general public. The general public will then vote on these plans, or they can vote to choose to reject the plans and tell them to go back to the drawing board.
The ad-hoc groups will consist of volunteers in the academic field having a degree in a related field, and have no corporate ties, they will also be required to not profit past 1 standard deviation of what the average population profits. If for some reason a plan is presented that is just really good but it unfairly benefits any individual in the scenario creating ad-hoc group past 1 standard deviation of the benefit the general population recieves from the decision (measured in money, value of possessions) Individual will be forced to forgo the profit past the standard deviation and it will be distributed by the public. Similarly if an individual in the scenario creating group benefits less than 1 standard deviation of the average benefit, they will be compensated up to 1 standard deviation.

Issues that need to be addressed will all need to be generated by grassroots campaigns. This means we will only discuss issues that the public actually wants to discuss and not what the people who rule us think up!
The public will decided how much time the ad-hoc groups are allowed to come up with scenarios for particular situations. Some situations will require quick action, some will need lengthy long thought out actions.
This system of government will rule over no more than 10 million people. Groups of 10 million people can use these rules to determine how to correspond with other groups.
Voting would work over a specific closed loop internet where a near future quantum computer could provide physically unbreakable encryption and therefore security.
Every single person in these ad-hoc groups will be televised 24/7 throughout the duration of the meetings so that the public can make sure there is nothing going on behind the curtain.
This society would need 1 rule in order to be free of corruption, and that would be making schooling throughout all levels of education free for the public. This way, anyone could be a decision maker and have an informed opinion about dealing with issues regarding them.

Totally Transparent Government is what I call it. It is not a political ideal, it is about dealing with situations intelligently and the way the people actually want to deal with situations.

Why just 10 million people?

I don't think any body of decision makers no matter how intelligent or transparent can satisfy everybody perfectly in a world where there are so many issues for viewpoints to differ. However it is fairly clear that the smaller the community the more likely people within that community will have similar viewpoints on issues. 10 people plucked from 10 random geographic areas from the US will be unlikely to hold a lot of very similar view points. Narrow it down and pick 10 people from a single state and these people will have much more similar views. Narrow it down even further to a large city, 10 people in a large city are much more likely to share similar views than people separated vastly geographically. Theoretically 1 million people would represent the community even better, but too little diversity can be bad too. When people are in too much agreement strong views and hatefulness of "others" outside the community can run rampant without any checks.

If trying to rule over too large of a group, people will naturally aggregate into smaller groups that have similar views. This is why we have mostly red states and blue states but few purple states. Opinions and ideas tend to spread out geographically and dissipate at a certain distance from specific geographic locales where certain ideas and opinions are very strong.

A system of politics where one ruling body is supposed to accurately represent the views and opinions of 100's of millions of people is absolutely ludicrous!