Saturday, March 8, 2008

The World is Fucked up

I have been thinking lately about how completely fucked up our world is.

Disregard for the Environment:

We are polluting this planet like never before and as such we are facing very large problems. Global warming is happening, this is bad news, not just for us, but the biodiversity of our planet. If Global warming were the only problem facing the environment, life would evolve to fit within this new warmer environment, but this is not the only issue. We are constantly manipulating the environment and changing the rules of selection on organisms faster than natural selection can keep up. This is why we are going through the greatest mass extinction on the history of the planet.


In the united states we are currently under control of one of the most manipulative and pure evil governments that has come to power. It is clear now that our own government either planned and executed the attacks on 9/11 or they knowingly let it happen. There is plenty of evidence for this, but I think that the most telling is that the official report on the 9/11 attacks concludes that it is not important that we know who funded these attacks. Of course it is important to know who funded the attacks on the US, the only reason they would say it is not important would be if they had some sort of involvement.


We live in the most technologically advanced period that we have ever lived in, yet we are still just as stupid as ever. Many people think war is unavoidable, yet it is. All we have to do is say "we aren't going to kill." Yes, this would only work if the entire planet came to this realization, but is it really that hard? Honestly what does murder solve? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with people disagreeing with each other, but we do not need to kill over it. Can't people just get along? War would not happen if the entire planet was educated.

Corruption and corporations

People often take advantage of others for personal gain. A corporation is considered by law to be a legal person. They have all the rights of a person. They can own land, other companies, sue and be sued, etc etc. The problem is the company is a legal person, when this legal person commits heinous acts nobody is held responsible because you cannot send a corporation to jail. This is how it is possible for corporations like Nike to travel from country to country and pay people less than slaveholders paid for the upkeep of their slaves. As soon as an area starts demanding more money, they pick up shop leaving the area destitute, completely crumbling the society that existed before they were there in the first place, and sets up in another area where they can exploit the natives. This is all technically legal, but is it right? No. This is just a very vague example of the horrors that can come about when the bottom line is profit.


People in this world are stupid. Really, really stupid. This needs to be fixed with education. People need to learn critical thinking for themselves. The majority of people in this world have their minds made up about everything and no amount of reason can change their minds. This is the leading reason that we allow ourselves to become slaves to the machine, we believe what we are taught to believe from our parents, from our school, from our media. And no matter how logical an argument is people will not believe it if it interferes with what they already believe.

The point:

The point of this post is not to convince anyone that the world is fucked up, if that were the reason I would go through each of my assertions and provide a source for the evidence, and perhaps that is something I will do at a later day. But for right now, the point is simply for me to vent. Others out there that feel the same way will recognize what I have written and empathize with me.

What should we do?

What should we do about the global injustice? Why can't we be truly free? Why does money have to motivate people? Why cannot we be motivated to work for the common good? Why must greed run the economy? Why can't we work together, we can achieve such greatness if we tried, our world could be in peace and harmony if we wanted. There doesn't need to be starvation, or homelessness. Utopia is possible if everybody wanted that, why do people not want utopia?

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